Summer Course 2017: Day 13

Today Nedo Rinpoche gave his first ever empowerment at the Europe Center: the initation into Diamond Mind (Skt. Vajrasattva Tib. Dorje Sempa), the united purifying power of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of all times and directions.

Rinpoche took time to individually give Buddhist refuge in traditional style before starting the actual empowerment: after prostrations and recitation of the refuge vow, Rinpoche cut a tiny bit of hair and gave a dharma name or refuge name to each of the “new Buddhists” – and each of them was sure to get a welcoming heartfelt smile from Rinpoche as well!

The empowerment into Diamond Mind is a very special one for Diamond Way Buddhists. The practice on this Buddha aspect is the second of the Four Preliminary Practices (Tib. Ngöndro). It purifies and removes karmic obstacles on the way to enlightenment. Rinpoche gave this initiation as a blessing also for this practice.